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The era of digitization is changing the word and we need daring fin-tech minds to shape the future,
eResolute has been a dogged name in fin tech portfolio, constantly innovating and developing
technologies that bring ease to the fiscal world, it has been great working with them, the level of
commitment these people show in delivering the optimal solution is commendable.

Utpal Nath
Utpal Nath - President, Goverment Blockchain

Be it technological knowhow or skillful management consultancy, eResolute seems to be having the perfect blend of both, the fin-tech world needs people who are constantly innovative and are offering newer, fresher and better solutions to modify the current sphere of fin-tech solutions, eResolute have proven that by embarking on a global journey and delivering fantastic innovative solutions to different industries.

Sultan Al Shamsi
Chief Strategist, Fibr Labs

From where they started in 2012 to where they are now in 2018
“A Raring Fin-Tech Brand”, tells a lot about eResolute, being top bill aggregators and providing fin-tech services across Asia, Middle-east and Europe, they have shown tremendous growth both in innovation and sustainability to grasp such an extended market share especially with so much competition, their dedication to technical expertise and their ability to analyze the latest trends and offer new services gives them an edge over their competitors

Islam Al Khalifa
Chief Business Officer, Linkoll

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