Mobile Bank

The era we live in is moving in the fast lane as far as digitization of financial world is concerned, over the last few years the demands of digital users are rising and technology has to travel beyond these expectations to deliver on the anticipation of users and offer much more to the customer belonging to the modern global digital era!

Banks are no longer physical entities, the internet has taken the bank in its lap and made it available to one and all across the globe and taken the time factor away from it, a digital bank works 24×7 and that is exactly what the modern day consumer seeks, flexibility. Flexibility of services, flexibility of time and flexibility of payment methods. Digitization is slowly and steadily becoming the new norm for financial transactions and time is not far away when a complete takeover is presided by digital banks wherein people find ease and faster services are offered without compromising security.

Why us?

Allow eResolute’s wide network to bring ease and the whole world to you, spanning over 120 countries, our digital banking services have you well covered. Digital Banking needs to provide easy and comfortable experiences to the user that traditional banking sometimes cannot deliver thus making our mobile bank a very well organized and a complete digital banking solution with innovation and customer satisfaction as core competencies.

Trusting a service especially one involving monetary transactions requires effort and eResolute has spared no effort in unleashing our efforts to bring latest innovative technologies and standardized industrial protocols to make sure that our users get the best service in the best possible manner.

Whether you are a commercial entity or want an account in the digital bank for your personal use, our features will ensure that you will not be disappointed, our bank offers packages well designed for both covering wide span of services that are required for an efficient digital banking experience

  • Own a digital account from anywhere

For company use or personal, get hooked instantly and start managing your transactions

  • Instant transfers

Quick and instant transfers from over 100 countries

  • Multi-Currency options available

Have the luxury of dealing with over 20 currencies from around the globe

  • Latest Security protocols

Being Fin-tech innovators ourselves, our firm gives you the latest security measures keeping your savings safe with us

  • Best Rates

Our rates are highly rated by one and all whether an exchange rate for currency conversion or your mortgage rate,we offer low rates for high customer satisfaction

  • No hidden charges

Absolutely no hidden charges, if we charge you for something, be sure we will let you know and it would be fair

  • Fantastic Customer Support

Have our customer support team guide you at each step and tackle all the issues you face and offer prompt response

  • Transparency

We believe in transparency, we deliver what we offer, no false promises, no fake claims just banking done purely and digitally



Security is taken very seriously at eResolute, being fin-tech innovators ourselves we always offer the latest security measures and ensure all protocols are of optimal level to ensure that you do not have to worry about anything.

With face recognition technology and bio-metrics instilled, no one but you can enter your account


Have direct debit facility on your account so you do not have to run after your utilities at the last moment, automate payments and be stress free


Have your own vault, and start saving from the get go with best exchange rates and be a digi saver


Have extremely detailed analytics guide you on your patterns and banking details


Allow eResolute’s wide network to bring the whole world to you, spanning over 120 countries, our services have you well covered


 “Traditional banking requires you to go the bank

Digital Banking brings the bank to you”

Multifunctional accounts with multi- currency options and multi-channel usage are features that users look for in the new era of easy digital banking.

  • Get your Salary
  • Get your Pending Payments
  • Disburse with ease with Multi Currencies
  • Start Savings Instantly in your Vault


Borderless – Cashless – Contactless banking

eResolute has embarked on a journey to offer its users a completely innovative and easy to use digital bank where we believe in setting standards on three main points

Your Accounts Borderless| Your Dealings cashless| Your Payments Contactless


Easy and convenient banking

  • Multi Currency Options Available
  • 100+ countries Banked
  • Best Exchange Rates
  • Instant Transfers
  • No Hidden Fees

Safety net & build wealth

  • One
  • Two
  • Three

You can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want.


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  • Architectural Design
  • Digital Banking
  • Cloud Computing & Resource Management
  • User Traffic Management
  • Bill Aggregation