Need for I/O

The need to have a global payment service which brings API management the much needed ease it requires in the complex process of managing multiple API’s is of utmost importance today, the obligation lies on innovative and daring fin-tech minds of the current era to present an easy and secure integration technology that suffices the requirements of a local merchant as well as a global financial powerhouse.

Our unique selling point is ‘One for All’ Platform that integrates API’s from everywhere and brings a common platform into use thereby giving any biller or merchant  from anywhere in the globe a real-time, secure as well as simplified platform

“I/O is A Global Payment Processor Service which incorporates your API methodologies irrespective of the coordinates your Google map indicates”


What is eResolute I/O:

This smartly put-together platform brings convenience to global merchants as it allows seamless transfer of technologies and relieves the merchant of the hassle of integrating multiple billers on his platform one by one. eResolute’s I/O does this complex process for the merchant and offers the merchant the luxury  of easily integrating multiple billers within a fraction of time thus saving the merchant a lot of hassle and more importantly saving the merchant a lot of time and giving a global reach.

Seamless technology through plug and play ensures a much quicker way of transferring functions thereby making the merchant compatible with all functionalities of various billers be it a bank, telecom, exchange house, utility service, or a kiosk. This unique technology thus gives the merchant a broadened category of services it can offer their billers and end users. I/O is quite easily deployable to any merchant thus their scope of accepting payments from a small domains to accepting payments from various diverse billers is amplified

eResolute I/O integrating its unique technology with global reach allows its billers and merchants to offer different kinds of billing services from anywhere they are in the world. Whether it’s paying a mortgage, car rent bill, utility bill, credit card bill, car loan payment, or other telecom monthly bills; this will be integrated to link the biller, the merchant and the client/consumer in a single platform thereby earning the tag of a Global Bill Aggregator.

This high capacity transaction switching service can be integrated with a broad range of external systems including

  • Banks
  • ATM’s
  • Utilities (Gas, Water, Electricity )
  • POS terminals
  • Mobile Phones
  • Web Portals
  • Airline Ticketing System
  • Prepaid and Post-Paid Billing Systems
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure


eResolute I/O Features:

  • Hassle free API Integration
  • Easily Deployable Technology
  • Secure & Robust Payment Platform
  • Extremely efficient API Compatibility
  • End to End Encryption
  • Customizable
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Payments: Simple, Secure and Reliable
  • Automated documents: Receipts, Payment Notification,
  • 24/7 Support


Benefits of eResolute I/O

To Billers:

  • It extends the reach of the biller to a global level
  • Easy to use Plug and Play Technology
  • It increases channels for accepting Bill Payments, anywhere in the world for a smooth collection
  • It offers one integrated global platform to aid billers such as: Utility providers, Banks, Telecoms
  • Seamless Integration of Data
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Multiple Currencies Enabled


To Merchants/Clients:

  • It allows businesses to gather needed market trends and leverage on this to promote more services
  • It unlocks opportunities for more revenue for merchants/clients such as: banks, airlines, hotels, telecoms, retailers
  • Broadened customer base
  • Extended Global Reach within no time
  • It allows merchant to offer multiple services to an extended clientele