Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet

Cash less payments are becoming the norm of the day, people do not want to use physical cash for simple transactions. With the rise of ecommerce digitization of payments in the online world has reshaped the buying and payment patterns of the general masses with behaviors becoming more digital, services compatible with these patterns need to be induced in the market and be made available globally.

Wallets are no longer associated with Clothing Pockets only, with the emergence of online era

“The World Wide Web is the new Pocket”

eResolute offers its wallet compatible with all networks .We offer customized solutions as per your need for your wallets, available anywhere and anytime. Secure architecture ensures your transactions are safely managed and easily navigable features add to the overall seamless use of our wallet. Pay your bills from anywhere in the world if you are an end user and enable this service and earn revenue opportunities if you are a merchant.

Latest technological features assembled are fused with easy to use paying patterns to give an enriching interface experience to all our users irrespective of the device they use

  • A Tab
  • A Mobile
  • A Smart Watch


Why our Wallet?

The ease of paying for anything, anytime anywhere from the world at your disposal is what the current customer using a wallet seeks, and eResolute being a wallet service provider delivers on this front with well-defined technological standards allowing quick and easy integration for cost effective deployment and giving an equally standardized and easy to use interface for hassle free payments.

In the current era of service industries everyone is spoilt for choices, the more choices people have the more likely they would continue to use a service. It is quite necessary to keep up with the latest technologies on offer and not offer a product or a service but rather a complete experience for all our users. Our wallet believes in keeping itself in line with latest and innovative technological trends and offering services to its users that bring a satisfactory user experience to the forefront.

The trends of using smartphones for multiple purposes has crossed many metrics and is now the number one used device for digital online payments, with technologies becoming more advanced, devices becoming more multi-operational, superior features need to be incorporated in our wallet to ensure a satisfactory customer base, and with smartphones leading the race of being used whenever and wherever the user deems necessary, wallet features have to be smartphone friendly and eResolute offers its wallet users these features to spread ease and seamless usage

  • Biometrics
  • HCE
  • NFC
  • Tokenization

Cashless and Contactless

The current buying trends signify cashless patterns with users wanting a cashless experience online with a stacked online wallet, wherein they can disburse payments, with advent of technologies the cashless experience is also bridged to contactless payments, wherein a wallet encompasses the payer as well as the payment provider with HCE thus enabling tap and pay for a faster and a more broad distribution of payments without investing much into hardware or the software domain.

Pay being mobile from your mobile!


Our Wallet features

  • Pay anyone from anywhere P2P/P2C

With the easy availability and deployment of the wallet, now pay anyone anywhere in the world

  • Token based encryption

Security is never compromised by enabling a token based encryption for tap and pay

  • Automated payments

Never forget a rental installment or a pending bill by automating payments as you desire

  • Masks card authentication

Mask details for better and secure payments transfer

  • NFC enabled

Near field communication enabled

  • Vouchers , coupons

Create smart simple yet effective coupons and voucher programs to give more to your clientele

  • Omni channel support (mobile, POS, KIOSK)

Mobile phone, tablet, POS or a kiosk, we are deployable on many channels

  • Gain customer loyalty

Offer loyalty points and programs that add value to the user


Wallet users

  • Banks
  • Exchange houses
  • Telecoms
  • Merchants
  • Banked as well as Unbanked customers
  • Kiosk Companies

Our Wallet is NOT limited to

  • Paying your mobile bill
  • Paying at the pizza place you like
  • Paying for your favorite movie
  • Paying for the song you wanted
  • Paying your Insurance Bill
  • Paying Utility Bills
  • Paying other wallet users
  • Automating payments
  • Earn coupons and loyalties
  • Generating Invoices

Safety net & build wealth

  • One
  • Two
  • Three

You can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want.


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  • User Traffic Management
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