Company overview

eResolute is a team of well experienced fin-tech personnel, which has a global reach and easy- to- use products serving the financial community with latest innovations and technological standards. We aim at making fin-tech services be it bill aggregation, our mobile wallet or our expertise in fin-tech consultancy seamless and easily available. We are focused on redesigning the perfect user/client experience, by providing a user-friendly platform and intelligent/smart tools/services to facilitate everyone with the ability to create a customized solution that solves their payment problems and addresses their fin-tech needs

Whether it is implementing the latest technology in financial domains or integrating latest technological standards and seamless API integration, our team is always at the forefront to offer end to end consultations keeping in view the latest protocols in technology and delivering innovative solutions

Our goal is to simplify our products design and make them customizable in order to create an enabled and a complete fin-tech management portfolio thereby introducing the ease of seamless global availability with latest technological trends onboard

  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • API Architecture
  • App Generation
  • Fintech Consultation

Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer excellent services in each of our professional fin-tech disciplines, aggregating APIs, architectural design, mobile banking, tech-support, provide consultancies and manage financial payment systems in accordance with the latest as well as most secure practices, keep our commitment to innovate and deliver new solutions for diverse industries thereby continuously developing our brand and providing a leading global platform from which to support our valued merchants, clients and end-users

Our Vision

Our Vision is to achieve market supremacy by being the Global Bill Aggregator/Global API Integrator and most trusted mobile and alternate payment solution providers in more than 100 countries around the world, which enables financial inclusiveness for all bill payers for everyone from everywhere!

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