Why choose eResolute

It is our passion that led to the inception of eResolute, it was our passion to make a mark and deliver that got our team collaborated, it is passion that has led us to offer our products and services across the whole globe, we believe “INNOVATION” is at the heart of our work mantra, and when passion is added to innovation great expectations are fulfilled and dreams come true, we believe in giving you the flexibility to work in a very calm and cool atmosphere as enjoying what you do is an important pillar of our work structure. Our well experienced team is extremely outspoken and has all genres covered to offer their expertise whenever you want on the office table as well as the coffee table. We at eResolute are quite welcoming in helping you settle well with us and guiding you along the way, if the words passion-innovation-and most importantly adding the good old enjoyment factor mean anything to you

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We are global bill aggregators, technical architecture design and aggregating API’s is our forte and we have delivered this and much more in more than 100 countries around the world

Our team has diverse backgrounds and are well versed and knowledgeable, from technical expertise to fin-tech leaders, from management supremacy to marketing gurus we have all fields well covered. Some of our team members are part of board of directors of big global brands

We believe our strength lies in the diversity of places and skills that people who work for us possess, our ambassadors, we have people from diverse places spanning from Europe to the Middle East and all the way to Asia, which keeps quite a global culture at our workplace and keeps the place buzzing and


open positions

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Android Developer Srinagar,J&K Information Technology July 30, 2018
HR Manager Srinagar,J&K Corporate Management July 28, 2018
Project Manager Srinagar,J&K Information Technology July 28, 2018
Quality Assurance Srinagar,J&K Information Technology July 28, 2018
Sales Executive Srinagar,J&K Sales July 20, 2018
Node.js Developers Srinagar,J&K Information Technology July 19, 2018
iOS Developers Srinagar,J&K Information Technology July 15, 2018

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